Eli Lilly & Company (LLY: NYS):企業概要、財務分析、所属産業分析、競合他社との比較分析

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◆英語タイトル:Eli Lilly & Company (LLY: NYS): Analytics, Extensive Financial Metrics, and Benchmarks Against Averages and Top Companies Within its Industry
◆発行会社(リサーチ会社):Plunkett Research
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Eli Lilly & Company (LLY: NYS): Analytics, Extensive Financial Metrics, and Benchmarks Against Averages and Top Companies Within its Industry

Key Findings:
• Unique new report provides deep financial benchmarks for (Eli Lilly & Company, LLY: NYS) compared to its top competitors and compared to the average for all companies within its primary industry.
• Benchmarking study for (Eli Lilly & Company) includes growth forecast for its primary industry to the year 2021.

The purpose of this report is to provide vital corporate-specific benchmarks, comparing the Subject Company to its top competitors (on a company-by-company basis) and to the averages within its primary industry for all key metrics.

This is a unique report containing high-value data. The report begins with a superb overview of the primary industry of the Subject Company, including historical industry revenues, revenue forecasts and CAGR. Then the report moves into industry averages and metrics, then into data specific to the Subject Company, with comparative data for the Subject Company’s top competitors.

This report will save countless hours of research and analytical work for the end user.

Core Benefits to Customer:
1) Comprehensive benchmarks for the Subject Company:
a. Benchmarked against the leading firms in its primary industry
b. Benchmarked against the average for publicly-held companies (U.S.) in its industry.
c. This includes financial results, ratios, vital statistics and metrics in one package, including historical and current metrics and averages for 6 years within its primary industry.
2) A snapshot overview of the company’s primary industry, including current and historic revenues and employment, along with a long term forecast for industry growth, with CAGR (compound annual growth rate), employee population and much more.
3) Detailed rankings of the Subject Company against top companies within the industry (U.S.-based firms) for key items including:
a. Approximate market capitalization
b. Employees
c. Revenues
d. Net income
e. 3-Year revenue growth (%)
f. 3-Year income growth (%)
g. Return on assets (%)
h. Return on equity (%)
i. Return on invested capital (%)
4) Leading companies—profiles of the Subject Company as well as profiles of top competitors within the industry

Pages: 73
Statistical Tables Provided: 27
Charts Provided: 15
Geographic: US

This report is part of the Plunkett’s Corporate Benchmarks series, published by the Plunkett Analytics unit of Plunkett Research, Ltd. Plunkett Research has unique capabilities for creating corporate and industry information, due to the industry and company research that we have been conducting for more than 20 years. Our access to hundreds of industry tables from our own databases, along with our databases of public and private company information, industry trends analysis and other resources, have been utilized in preparing this report. Similar reports are available from for all significant, U.S. publicly-held firms.

Designed to benefit:
• Analysis and Financial Modeling
• Investment Professionals
• Lenders
• M&A Advisors
• Appraisers
• Consultants

“Plunkett Research has built a solid reputation providing industry analysis and research in a diverse spectrum of areas—energy and utilities, finance and investment, health care and biotechnology, and engineering and research to name a few.” American Reference Books Annual

Companies Profiled:
• Johnson & Johnson
• Pfizer Inc
• Merck & Co Inc
• Eli Lilly & Company
• Abbott Laboratories
• AbbVie, Inc.
• Amgen Inc
• Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
• Genentech Inc
• Gilead Sciences Inc


I. Introduction
A. Core Benefits to Customer:
• Comprehensive financial performance benchmarking, including, in one package, the Subject Company’s
1) Financial results
2) Financial history
3) Ratios
4) Vital metrics
• Industry-specific comparative financial analysis and benchmarking of the Subject Company to:
1) Deep financials of each of the leading firms in the Subject Company’s primary industry
2) Detailed, multi-year financial averages for all companies within the industry
3) Rankings of the Subject Company against the top ten companies within the industry
• Profiles of the Subject Company and of its industry’s leading firms

II. Industry Analysis Summary of the Subject Company’s Primary Industry
• Industry revenues, employee count and growth rate for 2013
• Top U.S. companies, by revenues (table)
• Industry revenues, current and historical (chart)
• Industry employee population, current and historical (chart)
• Industry revenue yearly history and forecast from 2014 to 2021, with yearly CAGR

III. Industry Revenues, Historical and Projected
• Historical revenues and annual growth rates, 2006-2013
• Projected revenues & annual growth rates, 2014-2021

IV. Comparative Financial Benchmarks for the Subject Company by Industry Averages in a 6-year Time Series of Detailed Financials

A. Detailed table of companies used in computing these averages
B. Income statement averages, 2008-2013
• All income statement items, including cost of sales, SGA, R&D, salaries and wages, and EBITDA, with ratios
• Chart showing average company’s key expenses as a percent of revenues
C. Balance sheet averages, 2008-2013
• All items, including property plant and equipment; accumulated depreciation; goodwill; and long term debt, including ratios
D. Cash flow averages, 2008-2013
• All cash flow items

V. Competitive Summary of Top Companies Within the Industry, Profiles & Ranks
Profiles, financial reports, ranks & executive lists for up to 10 top U.S.-based corporations

A. Top companies within the industry ranked for key performance items
• Approximate market capitalization
• Employees
• Revenues
• Net income
• 3-Year revenue growth (%)
• 3-Year income growth (%)
• Return on assets (%)
• Return on equity (%)
• Return on invested capital (%)

B. Benchmarking of the Subject Company and its industry’s leading firms to each other and to their industry’s averages for all financial analysis metrics

• Income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements for the Subject Company and for each of the top companies compared to each other and to the overall industry average

C. Corporate profiles, comparative analysis of the Subject Company and of the top companies within its industry, including executive listings and financial results

• Contact information, executive lists
• Business descriptions
• Key financial data for 6 years
• Brands and divisions
• Top salaries
• Corporate culture
• Charts comparing revenues vs. net income

VI. Data Description, Limited Warranty, Copyrights and Sources


• Johnson & Johnson
• Pfizer Inc
• Merck & Co Inc
• Eli Lilly & Company
• Abbott Laboratories
• AbbVie, Inc.
• Amgen Inc
• Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
• Genentech Inc
• Gilead Sciences Inc


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